Eaton Series 1500VA UPS Battery Backup, Pure Sine Wave Double-Conversion, 120V 1350W, Tower, LCD Screen, 6 Outlets, USB, DB9

Brand Eatons
Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage 120 Volts
Color Black
Amperage 12 Amps


  • 1500VA PURE SINE WAVE DOUBLE-CONVERSION UPS: Ideal 1350W 7-outlet power management SmartOnline battery backup UPS. Six 5-15R managed outlets provide connected equipment with pure sine wave AC outputs and allow you to monitor power consumption down to the outlet group level. Power provided by these outlets is filtered to protect connected equipment against damaging surges and line noise. Four 5-20R outlets are split into two independently switchable load banks that let you shed non-critical loads to extend runtime for critical equipment.
  • ADVANCED POWER FEATURES: EMI/RFI filters out disruptive electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can inflict damage. ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified UPS provides high efficiency to signal a reduction in BTU emissions, save on utility and cooling costs and help protect the environment. The RPO/ROO port permits emergency shutdown or remote restart of all connected equipment. Battery-independent restart ensures automatic UPS power-up without user interaction after lengthy power outages, even after a complete battery discharge.
  • USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES & NETWORK WEB CARD OPTION: All additional accessorties sold separately. User replaceable and hot-swappable 744-A4312 internal batteries can be replaced easily in the field. The WEBCARDLXE network interface enables full remote configuration and management, including load shedding, reboots of connected equipment and safe shutdowns. Extra runtime is available by connecting up to four optional BP48V extended battery modules. EnviroSense2 modules (E2MT, E2MTDO and E2MTHDI) provide a variety of environmental monitoring and control options.
  • SMART FRONT-PANEL LCD INTERFACE: Features 10 selectable screens that allow quick access to a wide range of detailed UPS and site power information. LEDs show UPS status: a green light means utility power is on, an orange light means the UPS is in battery mode and a red light indicates an active alarm or fault. The control panel rotates to accommodate both rack-mount and tower configurations.

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